Notices to Consignors

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Notices to Consignors

Please remember our consignment check in procedures:

When you arrive, come into the store WITHOUT your consignment items and check in at the customer service desk.

You'll be issued a pager or, if you have a smart phone, we'll send you a text message when we are ready for you to get your items from your vehicle.

We ask that you use the "furniture approval form" found on the homepage of our website under the "consignor services" tab to submit photos of any furniture you are considering for consignment. It is very easy and convenient to use. We will respond to your request usually within 24 hours.

When asking for an approval for dinnerware, we ask that you send a photo of the front and back of any dinner plate of the dinnerware or fine china that you want to consign. Additionally, please include the number and types of pieces you have in the pattern. We will determine if it is a pattern that we feel will sell here at the store.

Specific items we are currently NOT accepting or limiting quantities due to excess inventory. This list is not all-inclusive:


We are currently being very selective on the dresses

we accept. Excluding plus size!

Bedroom Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Books (Selective Types)

*****Clear Glass******





Mailing Checks

We will mail your check upon request if the amount exceeds $50.00. Occasionally, checks that we send through the postal system are not delivered. When this happens, we have to wait 90 days before we can reissue that check, or if you wish to put a stop payment on the check to have it reissued immediately, the cost is $30.00. To prevent this, we recommend that you request your payment when you are in the store. If you would like us to mail your check via certified mail, inform the customer service associate when you request a check be mailed. The cost for this service is $3.35 which will be deducted from the amount we owe you. Using this service, someone will have to sign for the envelope when it is delivered. We also recommend that you confirm your address when you call or email us to request a check be mailed to you.