Consignor Update-New Procedures

Dear Valued Roundabouts Consignor,

Due to a severe staffing shortage that we are actively working to correct, we must inform you that beginning Tuesday, June 21st, we are going to an  appointment-only system of consigning.

These appointments will be available in 15-minute increments:
  • Tuesdays 10am-3pm
  • Wednesdays 10am-5:30pm
  • Thursdays and Fridays 10am-3pm

We will continue to offer our Saturday Drop and Run appointments, but our Friday Drop and Run appointments have been discontinued.

It is imperative that you arrive for your scheduled appointment at the designated time.

 Any deviations from the scheduled time may result in your appointment being cancelled.

These appointments can be made online through our website, or by calling the store (803-736-5446).


New Consigning Procedures

Our procedures for consigning are changing as well.

Upon arrival, check in at customer service (leave your items in your vehicle).

If we are ready for you, you will be instructed to bring in your items.

If you have large or heavy items and require assistance, you may use one of our carts to bring in your items.

We will take your items to our processing area where they will be evaluated, inspected, and put in a queue for pricing.

You are welcome to look around the store while your items are inspected. You will be paged to return to the check in area when we have completed the inspection process.

At this time we will return to you your items that we did not accept.

You can either take them back or we can donate them to a non-profit charity for you.


Please do not be offended if we return something to you. It just means that for any number of reasons, it did not pass our screening process.


 Pricing Increase

Additionally, as many of you are keenly aware, prices have gone up tremendously on just about everything.

We have noticed this at Roundabouts as well.

Rent, utilities, payroll, insurance, and supplies have all risen substantially, leading to an increase in the cost to process each item we accept.

Therefore, to make economic sense, we must adhere to a policy of accepting individual items (home décor or clothing) that have a resale value of at least $8.00.

We realize that this process drastically cuts back on the number of consignors that we can serve per day, but we need to ensure that orders that we accept are able to be processed quickly, accurately, and efficiently.
Without an adequate number of staff, this is not possible.


We are hoping that once staffing levels have recovered, we will be able to add additional appointments or return to a no appointment needed schedule.


Thank you for your continued support,

Your Roundabouts Team