How To Consign

Please observe our consignment check in procedures:

When you arrive, come into the store WITHOUT your consignment items and check in at the customer service desk.

You'll be issued a pager or, if you have a cell phone, we'll call you when we are ready for you to get your items from your vehicle.

Q. What days do you accept Clothing and home décor consignments?

A. Most Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-2pm.
Most Wednesdays 10am-3pm 4pm-5:45pm.

Q. Do I need and appointment?

A. No. No appointment is needed for these days.

Q. How many items can I consign?

A. We will inspect up to 15 items per consignment day. All clothing MUST be clean, wrinkle-free and ON HANGERS when you bring it in.

Q. Do I get my items back that you don’t accept?

A. Yes, we will inspect your items while you wait, and return to you any "no thank-you" items.

Q. I can’t make it there on those days. Are there any exceptions?

A. A limited number of fifteen-item "drop and run" appointments are available for Friday (11-6) and Saturday (11-3). Appointments can be made by utilizing the "Schedule An Appointment" link located in the "Consignor services" section at the top of our website home page. Appointments are available for the current and upcoming weeks only.

Q. Do I get my items back that you don’t accept?

A. No. With the "drop and run" option, your items will be inspected at the time of pricing and any items deemed unacceptable (i.e. out of style, stained, excessively wrinkled, damaged, too inexpensive, etc..) will be donated to local charities.

Q. I have much more than 15 items. Can’t I just bring everything at once?

A. No. But we do have a limited amount of larger "drop and run" Saturday appointments available. You are not limited to 15 items, but again, you do give Roundabouts, Inc. permission to donate any items that we consider unacceptable. These appointments are obtained as discussed above.

Q. I have large furniture items. When can I bring them?

A. "Approved Furniture" is accepted any day Monday through Saturday between 11am and 5pm. (We do not accept consignments on Sundays).

However you MUST get approval BEFORE bringing these items, as our available floor space fluctuates day-to-day. For large furniture items we require that you send pictures to allow us to determine whether your item(s) are a good fit for our showroom.

Use the "Furniture Approval Form" located in the speed bar of our website homepage to send us photos and information about your item(s). You will receive an email which will either tell you we have agreed to accept your item(s) on consignment, or that we won't be able to accept your item due to our selection criteria. We may also approve the item(s), but due to lack of floor space, ask you to resubmit your request. Upon receiving a confirmation email you have one week from that date to bring the furniture to us.

As always, final approval will be given upon physical inspection by Roundabouts staff. As a reminder, you must bring adequate help to load/unload your heavy furniture.

Q. Do you pick up or deliver furniture?

A. No. But we do provide a list of local movers that would be happy to assist you and give you quotes for costs.

Q. If we bring our furniture to the store do you unload it and set it up?

A. No. However, we will assist you in unloading and getting the furniture into the store. We usually have staff available between 11am and 5pm.

Q. How long are my items displayed on the sales floor?

A. We will display your item(s) for up to 90 days. If your item hasn't sold in 30 days, it will be reduced 20%. If it still hasn't sold in 60 days it will be reduced to a total of 40% off the initial price. Reductions not exceeding 20% may be taken at any time deemed suitable by Roundabouts. Any holiday item that remains unsold after that particular holiday has passed will automatically be reduced to 50% of the lowest price that item would have attained.

Q. What is the commission split on items?

A. Commission Schedule:
Items sold for under $1,000.00 - you receive 50%
Items sold for $1,000.00 or higher - you receive 60%

Please remember that we offer our customers a 30 day lay-a-way. If any of your items are placed on lay-a-way, they will not post to your account until the items are paid for in full.

- There is an item fee (based on the price of the item) added to each consigned item. This fee is paid by the purchaser, and does not affect the consignor’s net profit. Your split is based on the price of the item without the "buyers fee" included.

Q. What fees are involved in selling at Roundabouts?

A. - There is a $10.00 fee to open an account, and once per year on the anniversary of the first time you consigned.

- If you retrieve an item before the 90-day contract has expired, there is a $5.00 early retrieval fee per item retrieved. Furniture early retrieval fee is 10% of the current price of that item.

- Any item that requires cleaning and/or repair will incur a fee ranging from $5.00 to $20.00 depending on the amount of work required to display your item.

Q. When can I get paid?

A. Payment Policy:
You can get paid anytime!! Stop in any time to pick up any money ($10 minimum) owed to you. You can also use your earned money for store credit! We do NOT automatically mail checks. However, we will gladly mail your check upon request if the amount exceeds $50.00. We can also send via certified mail if requested. The cost for this service is currently $3.35. Just call or email us to initiate this option!