Here are some procedures that will help us serve you better and, at the same time, make things a bit easier for us as well:

  • Make a habit of viewing the "Consignor Notices" page the day before coming to consign. We will post any items that we are currently not accepting. This will prevent you from hauling those items here and then being told we are not accepting them that day.
  • Upon arrival, please go to the consignment information desk WITHOUT YOUR ITEMS to check in. If there is a wait, you will be given a number.   When your number is called, that means we are ready for you to get your items from your vehicle and go to the "Consignment Intake" line.
  • Remember, part of our criteria for accepting your items is our customer demand. We will accept only items that are in "like new" condition, still in demand, and can be priced at least $10.00.
  • Please ensure that all your items are clean, odor and damage free. Polish furniture, clean glass and mirrors, vacuum rugs and upholstered furniture. In addition to looking for wear and tear, we will thoroughly inspect all furniture for signs of insects, debris, spills, and damage of any kind. Any item found to contain any of these problems will be turned away.
  • CLOTHING WILL GO THROUGH TWO INSPECTION PROCESSES. The first being upon check in and again during pricing. Occasionally upon second inspection we may find the item to be unacceptable, if this occurs, any item that would have been priced at $20.00 or under will be automatically donated.  If over $20.00 we will send you an email asking if you want to pick up or have us donate it.
  • Please attach your name and/or consignor number to larger items that are not brought to us in a box. A piece of masking tape works great, and usually won't affect the finish of most items. Be careful not to tape an area that could be damaged when removed. By doing this, you can assist us in our pursuit of 100% accuracy.
  • Realize that we cannot accept consignments outside of scheduled days and times. During these periods the staff is busy with maintaining the cleanliness of the store and processing existing orders.
  • If you have a specific question about your account, please remember that consigning hours are probably not the best time to do so. Most of the management team will be checking in consignments and unavailable to answer questions or research problems. Any time outside of our consignment hours is preferable, and we will be able to devote our full attention to your concern.
  • Please remember what a "drop and run" means. If you bring any item as a Drop & Run, you are giving us permission to donate that item if it doesn't meet our criteria for acceptance.
  • Please remember that your items are here AT YOUR OWN RISK. We make every effort to ensure their safety until sold, however if they are damaged or stolen we are not be responsible.

All of us at Roundabouts Consignments want to thank you for being a loyal consignor. We strive to make your consigning experience as hassle-free and profitable as possible. We view this relationship as a partnership in which we both support and assist each other. If you ever have a suggestion, comment, or concern please speak with a manager, leave a suggestion form in the box provided at the checkout counter, or send us an email.